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Learning Skills Center

Learning Skills Center

Located in Williams Hall Room 120

Summer Hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 AM - 3 PM 8 AM - 3 PM 8 AM - 3 PM 8 AM - 3 PM 8 AM - 3 PM
Fall & Spring Hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:30 AM - 4 PM 7:30 AM - 4 PM 7:30 AM - 4 PM 7:30 AM - 4 PM 7:30 AM - 3 PM

Contact: Rena Gower

618-544-8657 ext. 1134 or

LTC/LSC Is dedicated to students. It is our privilege to help you, the student, obtain your career goals through individualized study plans. We can be the key to your success.

Contact us for help with:



(Learning Needs Inventory)

Study Skills Test Anxiety Time Management Tutoring Peer Editing
Computer Lab Study Tables Entrata Help CIS 1104 Assistance Compass Testing Remediation GED


Test Anxiety: 
Nist and Diehl (1991) developed a short questionnaire for determining if a student experiences a mild or severe case of test anxiety. To complete the evaluation read through each statement and reflect upon past test experiences. You may wish to consider all testing experiences or focus on a particular subject (history, science, math, etc.) one a time. 
Take the test anxiety questionnaire
Successful Strategies for Test Anxiety




Study Skills:
The Top 10 Traps of Studying
Top 10 Study Skills for College Students








Time Management: 
Within the first few days of starting college, many students quickly learn that managing their time is one of the most challenging -- and difficult -- aspects of being in school. With so much to do and keep track of, strong time management skills can make all the difference.

8 Steps for Strong Time Management for College Students



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