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inof  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Face-to-Face instruction will resume for the fall semester
Student CARES Act, Contacts, Resources and Services Listing

Contact Information

Help Desk is available
Monday thru Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm (7:30am to 4pm Summer)


If you need assistance outside of the hours listed above, please use the online form linked below depending if you are a student or employee.  You may also leave a voice message when calling, doing so will create a help desk ticket.

Select one of the options below to contact us

For technical support go to the Entrata Login page and click on the Help Desk Support Link.

Online Form and Tracking

618/395-5299 or 855-519-4357 (Toll Free)
Extension 4357

Find a problem? Send the issue to us. Thank you!