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Face-to-Face instruction will resume for the fall semester
Student CARES Act, Contacts, Resources and Services Listing

Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to deliver exceptional education and services to improve the lives of our students and to strengthen our communities.

The District is committed to high academic standards for pre-baccalaureate, career and technical education that sustain and advance excellence in learning. The mission is achieved through a variety of programs and services that include, but are not limited to:

  • educational programs, including pre-baccalaureate, career and technical degrees and certificates that prepare a diverseSite image student body for transfer to a four-year institution of higher education or entry into a multicultural global workplace;
  • program, course and institutional goals that have identifiable and measurable learning outcomes that are clearly understood by students;
  • utilization of resource-sharing partnerships to expand, retrain, and strengthen the industrial base of southeastern Illinois;
  • development of partnerships with pre-K through high schools allowing for the smooth transition and progression of students through lifelong learning;
  • academic programs and institutional services that are reviewed and revised on a scheduled time frame with a focus on accountability relative to planning, student and program assessment, and learning outcomes;
  • adult and continuing education designed to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the residents in the District;
  • programs in remedial education, which assist District residents in attaining skills and abilities needed to enter and complete college-level programs;
  • student advisement, counseling, and placement services for the purpose of assisting students in choosing a program of study, transferring to a four-year institution, entering employment, or completing certificate or course goals;
  • curricula and services that are developed and updated, as necessary, to meet both short- and long-term needs of the residents of the District;
  • community education and community service activities that provide a cultural and intellectual resource center for the area as well as identifying and honoring multiculturalism and diversity within our communities;
  • professional enrichment and growth experiences for college, faculty, administrators, and staff which will improve and enhance instruction and service; and,
  • resources, facilities, staff, and equipment to support all program and service components of the college.


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