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About the District: IECC 529

GradsWelcome to Illinois Eastern Community Colleges and the District's four colleges of Frontier Community College, Lincoln Trail College, Olney Central College, and Wabash Valley College.  

Our Past

Wabash Valley College was founded in 1960 by the Community Unit School District #348 in Mt. Carmel.  Olney Central College was founded by the East Richland School District #1 in 1963.  In February 1969, Wabash Valley College joined the Olney Central College Community College District to form a two-college district.  Lincoln Trail College joined the District in June 1969 to create a three-college district.   

In October 1969, a $5.9 million bond issue to finance the local share of funds needed for the construction of a permanent campus at each of the three colleges was approved.  In December 1976, the Illinois Eastern College of Continuing Education was established in Fairfield, becoming the fourth college in District 529.  The name was changed to Frontier Community College in April 1978.


Your Future

In today's economy, a post secondary education is key in achieving career objectives.  An affordable, quality education from IECC can aid you in attaining your professional goals.  Whether you're a recent high school graduate considering an eventual occupation or an individual with experience in the workforce, a college education is a wise investment in your future. A wide range of degree and certificate programs provide varied choices in pursuit of a career and technical education or as a pathway to a four-year institution.  If your primary focus is to improve your skills or explore new interests, a variety of course offerings will fulfill this purpose as well.  

If you are undecided about your career choice, staff advisors at any of the colleges can help you make that decision. Whether you're a "decided" or "undecided" student, we suggest that you schedule an appointment with an advisor as early as possible. The fall semester begins in late August, the spring semester begins in early January, and the summer session begins early in June. Intersession classes are offered between spring and summer semesters.

Find a problem? Send the issue to us. Thank you!