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Student CARES Act, Contacts, Resources and Services Listing


Academic Advisement is essential in making informed decisions and 
getting the most out of a college education.  Review the 
IECC Academic Advising Syllabus to get a better understanding of
the advisor's role and the student's responsibility at Illinois Eastern
Community Colleges.

Before enrolling in a degree/certificate program or GECC Credential, students must schedule an advisement appointment through the Student Services Office.

Students planning to transfer to another college or university, regardless of the program in which they are enrolled, should be aware that the receiving institution makes the final decision regarding transfer of credit. The advisor will assist the student concerning transferability of classes. However, the student will need to maintain contact
with the transfer institution to facilitate the transfer process.

Students attending IECC can run a degree evaluation that will help in understanding what degree requirements remain for 

How to Contact an IECC Advisor


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