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Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFL) Program

AEFL is a grant funded program that offers a variety of courses to meet the diverse needs of the individuals enrolling in the program. Classes and supportive services are offered at no cost to students. IECC AEFL program offers curriculum and instruction that are aligned with the current high school standards and career-and-college-readiness expectations.  Adult Secondary courses are designed to prepare students for the GED® or the HiSET® exam and prepare students for college and/or the workforce. Learn More....

AEFL Enrollment

  • Individuals enrolling in the program must be 16 years of age or older
  • Individuals under the age 18 must provide formal separation documentation from the public school system
  • All individuals enrolling in the program must complete the required assessments for class placement, advisement, and/or referrals

Classes are typically offered every eight weeks.  For more information regarding classes and/or enrollment, please call the Adult Education and Family Literacy contact at the college that serves your geographical area.

Adult Education Brochure [PDF]

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