Sexual Misconduct Title IX Complaint Form

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges

This form is used to report information necessary to initiate an investigation of alleged sexual misconduct or retaliation, pursuant to the District's Preventing Sexual Misconduct Policy (Policy 100.31). All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain the involved parties' privacy during the investigation and resolution procedure.

It is unlawful to retaliate against a student, employee, or any other person affiliated with the District for filing a complaint or for cooperating in an investigation or a complaint.

All parties to a complaint may have a personal advisor assist them throughout the process in accordance with the Preventing Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Student Code of Conduct and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Contact Information (If you do not want to file anonymously)

Suspect Information


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I have read and understand the policy and procedures of the Preventing Sexual Misconduct Policy (Policy 100.31). I understand if I knowingly provide a false complaint under this policy to a College/District official or intentionally mislead District officials who are involved in the investigation or resolution of a complaint I may be subject to disciplinary action. My signed form shall ascot as a release of information and consent to review my academic, financial aid, registration, medical documentation and other records that are related to my complaint. I further understand that if I file this report anonymously, IECC’s ability to conduct an investigation into the particular incident or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator(s) may be diminished.

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